Welcome to Riptide Teardrop Campers

Manufactures of Australia’s Largest Teardrop Campers and Specialists in Compact Camper/Caravan Design and Manufacture.

Riptide Campers offer all the comfort of a caravan without the size, and all the convenience of a camper trailer without the hassle!

Inspired by our unique Australian outdoor lifestyle, our beautiful coastlines and outback, our campers are designed and built with the best quality materials and components available, and feature a level of luxury that will surprise. The result is a camper of the most superior quality and uniqueness, where form and function blend into design excellence.

With more headroom, more internal living space,
more storage and more convenience…

We love them and so will you!

Proudy Australian Owned, Designed and Manufactured!

Is a Teardrop Camper for you?

Teardrop Campers aren't for everyone... However, nor is a caravan or tent trailer. There are many factors to consider with the key ones being... Your age and circumstances, Your tow vehicle, Your budget and probably the most important of all... the purpose, or... what do you want to do with it?

Find out if a Teardrop Camper is for you in our 10 point Riptide Teardrop Lifestyle guide...

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Frequenty Asked Questions?

What is the Warranty?

How do we differ from the others?

Do we fit Solar Panels?

Can we fit a bike Rack?

Is the roof insulated?

These and many more questions you didn't know you had are answered in our FAQs page.

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How we make them – The Difference!

Teardrop and compact campers are and always have been enormously popular the world over, from the home built variants to the professionally designed and engineered.

Even between manufactures there can be a BIG difference in construction techniques and build quality!

Explore our 'How we build them' page to see why no one makes a better compact camper!

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“So compact and so stylish!
I can’t believe how much is packed in!
The biggest and best teardrop camper I’ve seen!”

Sean Doohan

“Riptide Campers are streamlined, compact, lightweight travel trailers with a sleeping space (queen-size bed) and a kitchen all tucked into one teardrop shaped van”

Lexie Cartwright - Gold Coast Bulletin