FAQs and Information about Riptide Teardrop Campers

Here you will find loads of helpful information about Riptide Campers products, including why we do the things we do, the decisions we have made and many more FAQs about teardrops and camping the Teardrop way! If the answer to your question isn't here, please be sure to call or email to find out.

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Are They Australian Made?

Riptide Teardrop Campers are 100% Australian made, designed and owned. We manufacture at our facility and showroom in Arundel, on the Gold Coast. Riptide Campers are manufactured in association with a long standing trailer and road plant manufacturer- Giga Signs (now Global Traffic Equipment), and have been building trailers for the past 12+ years… And not just any trailers, but road plant trailers, which have to meet stringent road and relevant authority requirements and regulations. We have a team of passionate people on board, from qualified welders, boat builders, through to our own electronic engineers.

What’s Riptide Campers difference to other teardrop camper manufactures?

The biggest and most significant difference is the physical size of our campers. We build the largest production teardrop in Australia! Our teardrop campers have up to 40% more internal volume and up to 300mm (1 foot) more headroom than most others, which in a small van is huge! When analysing the market, we looked at the advantages and dis-advantages of teardrop campers worldwide, and the only two dis-advantages that mattered to us were the issue of a functional awning, and the claustrophobic feeling of a too small internal cabin space. We found many small teardrops impractical for storage and had the stigma of “CRAMPING” (as distinctly different to “Glamping”! They felt tiny inside. We set out to make a more functional, roomier sized product that had a more open presence, more storage and more headroom, without compromising on the style. The Breeze, and Tsunami are the result!
Image of the size comparison between the Riptide Breeze and Little Guy teardrop
Image of the size comparison between the Riptide Breeze and Gidget Bondi teardrop

What’s the difference to home-made Teardrops?

There are many home-made teardrops on the market, and they have their place, after all, this is where the teardrop concept came from. The key difference is QUALITY. Design quality, material quality, construction quality, finesses of build techniques, and a warranty. Production teardrop campers are typically of known quality, and you have a manufacturer’s guarantee of quality, compared to something that has been knocked up in someone’s back yard. An example of this quality is the premium birch plywood we use, which is imported from Finland (who makes the best plywood in the world). The ply for the camper walls is made up of 13 layers of veneer 1.4mm thick, and is lighter and rated to a higher standard than our Australian standard ‘Marine’ Ply. Note: We would rather use an Aussie product, but this is significantly better!

Can we customise?

We know everyone’s different, so we offer both all-inclusive camper packages, as well as the ability to pick and choose what, and how you want your camper to be; from mild to wild! For those of you, (like us), that want no fuss camping will all the comforts and conveniences; we created the Breeze – On road Tourer, and the Tsunami - Off Roader. Refer to relevant spec sheets for standard inclusions or talk to us if you wish to put your own stamp on it.

What about Colours?

With your Riptide Camper, we offer you a blank canvas so you can express your own individual style. We won’t make you choose white, or cream. At time of contract, we will discuss colour options with you. Base or non-metallic paint colours are included as standard or if you prefer, metallic colours are available with a small up-charge. If you wish for a custom paint to match your car, no problems! We are happy to discuss and quote on request.

Can I Tow it?

Riptide Campers are substantially larger in size than other teardrop trailers on the market, so naturally will have more weight. But with electric brakes fitted to the camper as standard, it can still be towed and easily manoeuvred with a small car*, eg. Toyota Corolla has a towing capacity of 1300kg so is ok to tow the Breeze. We have endeavoured make our teardrop campers as light to tow as possible, and as they retain their very aero dynamic shape, fuel consumption is low when towing. Visibility in your wing mirrors is excellent, as you are looking back over the camper guards to any traffic behind. The body width is approximately the same width as a standard car, so you’ll never feel nervous about towing it. *Note: Please check your vehicles specific towing/braked capacity before purchase. The weight for each model is available in the relevant product brochure specifications, found at www.riptidecampers.com.au or by calling us.

Do I need to fit anything to my car for towing?

Ideally, you should have both an Anderson connector and an electric brake controller fitted to your vehicle by an auto electrician. This is in addition to the correctly rated tow bar. Fitting an Anderson connector will allow you to charge the camper battery from the tow vehicles’ alternator whilst travelling. And installing and electric brake controller on your car will allow you to use the electric brakes fitted to your Camper. This is not something Riptide Campers can fit for you, but it is highly recommended! The trailer to car wiring connector fitted to your camper (for lights and indicators) will be a flat 7 pin connector. If you have a round 7 pin connector, you may need an adaptor to convert this to the flat 7 pin type. For the ‘Breeze’ a standard 50mm tow ball is required - The Tsunami will require the appropriate off-road coupling to be fitted.

Can we off road?

Absolutely! But only in the Tsunami! The Breeze should be treated as you would treat any new 2WD car. It’s perfectly capable to travel on graded unsealed roads, short dirt roads to your campsite or to a favoured winery etc., but if more adventure if what you seek, the Tsunami was designed for you! Please note: Our 2 year Structural Warranty is voided if the Breeze is taken on 4 wheel drive tracks or tracks not suitable for 2WD vehicles.

Is the warranty 2 Years?

We offer a two-year structural warranty on manufacture and workmanship, and 12 month warranty on all third party parts and appliances like TVs, fridges etc who’s own manufacturer’s warranty covers these products. Please refer our terms and conditions for specific information.

How do you provide warranty, service and repairs?

Should any issues be encountered while out enjoying your Riptide Camper, please contact us in the 1st instance, and we’ll find a service provider close to you. If you believe you have a warrantable issue, please contact us and we’ll discuss this with you and arrange for inspection either by ourselves or a service provider in a location suitable for you. If a problem is found to be warrantable, we will endeavour to carry out repairs or replace parts at our expense and within a reasonable timeframe. If it’s a fault in a minor part we will send the replacement part to the service provider for replacement at our expense. Minor general maintenance of your camper is required by the owner (or representative) and will be discussed upon handover of your new camper.

How do we manage the power?

Our campers operate on both a 240vAC and a 12vDC system (same as a typical car), and come standard with a 105Ah deep cycle AGM sealed and maintenance free battery and battery charging system. Whilst at a powered campsite, just plug in your Riptide Camper into the provided 240v power inlet and this will run the fridge, battery charger and 240v outlets. When plugged into 240v power, you will never run out of power regardless of how many lights you run, how much TV you watch, or how much Justin Bieber you listen to. When camping at an unpowered site and depending on length of stay and weather conditions, some power management may be required. Power from the 12v battery is a limited resource and can be easily depleted. The on board battery can be kept charged by several methods:
• Charging at home before setting out using the 240v inlet,
• While travelling to and from campsites by using Anderson connector (this is a wired link to your car battery, so the vehicle’s alternator also charges the Camper’s battery. This requires installation (if you require it) on your tow vehicle by an auto electrician, usually at the same time and the electric brake controller is being fitted).
• By solar panels (not supplied – See note below*). Solar power generation is affected by several conditions that need to be considered, such as cloud cover and the length of daylight hours available. If you are traveling in Tasmania in winter for example, there are a lot less daylight hours available than if traveling in Queensland in summer. We are happy to talk this over with you or there is no shortage of good magazine articles on the subject like this one from Camper Trailer magazine: http://www.campertraileraustralia.com.au/features/technical/1310/solar-power-for-camping/

Do you fit solar panels to the Teardrop Camper roof?

No we don’t, and this is for several important reasons unique to teardrop campers: Primarily, with solar panels independent to the camper they can be positioned in a location in the sun and set up on an angle to capture the most the sun’s rays. With the solar panels positioned on the camper’s roof, you are heavily restricted to where you can park the camper. We much prefer to park the camper in a nice shady spot and run the solar panels out in the sun next to the camper. You will see this in our camping photos. Having solar panels installed permanently on the camper roof also detracts from the campers styling, is more susceptible to dirt build up (hindering performance), possible breakage from stones thrown up by other vehicles, and finally, is limiting on the angle and position you can set up your camper. You cannot always set up with the front of your teardrop facing north, and horizontal solar panel placement is not ideal for performance.
*There are many folding type solar panels available in different price ranges from $300 - $2000 and this is a personal preference, and is why we do not supply as standard. We personally use and recommend the 120W Projector folding solar panels that weigh only 7kg and fold up to only 36cm x 50cm. These easy fit in our lockable front storage box. http://www.projecta.com.au/Products/TravelFriendlySolarPanelKits (We are happy to supply these if required).

Do you fit LED lights?

Yes, we only fit LED lighting. Anything else we consider old school and doesn’t fit with our quality standard. All lights can be controlled by our custom electronic switch panels. Exterior lights can be turned off on from inside or out. We have provided an abundance of lighting options inside and outside including concealed strip lights at the front cabin shelf as well as above the speaker panel (above the TV). We find that this provides a nice warm ambient lighting option. We also provide as standard a yellow anti-bug light to the galley area in addition to the white one. As well as not attracting bugs, this yellow light also offers a nice subtle lighting to the general camping area behind the camper, without being too bright or being too glary.

Can we fit a bike rack?

Sure, you can either fit a bike carrier at the rear of the camper (we have thoughtfully provided a standard 50 x 50 hitch receiver under the rear for this) or you could delete the standard draw bar storage box and mount bikes there, or we can extend the drawbar for you.

What else can we fit?

Because we want our camper to be as flexible as you, we have provided 50 x 50 hitch receivers under the rear on both sides as well as the back! This is so you can add a BBQ, a hammock chair, an umbrella, an awning, a fishing station, a bike rack, a kayak etc.etc. You also have the flexibility to delete the standard draw bar storage box and fit something else there if you wish. It isn’t there to store anything other than your stuff!

Is there an awning?

All teardrop campers share the same complication of adding an awning for protection from the elements. The solution is largely the same right across the globe, and that is to purchase a pop up or fold out type gazebo and put it over the camper when needed. At Riptide Campers, we are no different; we use and recommend 2 styles: The Coleman Event 14, which is more a large modified dome tent, and the other a heavy duty Wanderer anti-pooling gazebo. Both are available at good camping stores for the around $300.00 mark. Both can have attachable walls etc. for additional privacy and weather protection. We usually carry 2 walls in case a chilly wind picks up. For longer or more remote stays, we also pop up a shower/toilet tent in the corner that acts as a toilet and change room. We are currently working on our own unique awning for the Breeze – keep an ear and an eye out for this in the future, and we’ll be sure to let our customers know about it! The Riptide Tsunami has options on the roof rack for 4x4 style awnings to be fitted as well.

Are the teardrop campers lockable?

Absolutely! Fully lockable with deadlocks! Both side doors are key lockable (and keyed alike for convenience) and additionally have deadlocks as standard for extra security. Even with the doors locked, you can still have the integrated windows (with flyscreens) open to pick up those ocean breezes. The rear hatch and also the front storage box are also key lockable.

Is there Ventilation and Insulation?

All Riptide Campers have 2 large lockable doors (1 either side) and these have windows with flyscreens built into them. This allows for airflow across the cabin. There is also a roof vent with reversible fan which can be used for cooling, as can an optional Transcool evaporative cooler unit can be added if required. (We have made a shelf and included a 12v socked for this great Aussie product). For more info: www.transcool.info. Unlike a canvas camper trailer, the roof of every teardrop camper is fully insulated to ensure maximum comfort and minimal noise for a great night’s sleep!

What size is the bed?

The bed in both our campers is a Queen-size in length (6’8”) and just a little narrower. The Tsunami is a little narrower still to fit between the wider wheel arches. In both cases, our mattresses consist of two individual, full length mattresses (like 2 twin beds together). Because they are 1 piece mattresses, there are no uncomfortable mattress joins running across the bed, and across your body. Mattresses are 5” thick (4”+ 1”) Dunlop foam with a 10 year guarantee and fitted inside durable washable covers as standard with an option for innerspring if preferred. We ourselves use the 5” foam.

Is there an entertainment centre?

As standard we fit a 19” full HD TV with inbuilt DVD player and PVR on a drop down TV bracket (fixed position in the Tsunami so nothing gets a battering!) Importantly, the TV fitted is a higher quality Marine/RV product that not only draws less power from your 12v system than a household products some manufacturers fit, but is also designed for longer life and a build to suit a mobile environment. To the left of the TV, is a Fusion digital media player with Bluetooth to play all your favourite tracks through the quad speaker system so you can sit by the fire and control your music without even leaving your chair. Speakers are matched to the head unit, with 2 fitted inside and 2 fitted outside.

How are they made?

The chassis is 100% Australian Steel welded by qualified boilermakers. The body components are all CNC router cut from the world’s best Birch faced marine plywood imported from Finland. Each internal face finished with 3 coats of the best quality UV lacquer to finish. Each component is precision cut to ensure correct fit and finish and is mortise and tenon or dado jointed into mating structural pieces to form a monocoque construction. The exterior of the caper is skinned with 5005 aluminium panel and painted. Pelmets are upholstered in high quality marine vinyl to be low maintenance.

Can we attach roof racks?

Sure, we will soon have available roof rack kits to suit racks alone or a roof basket because we are all about flexibility. We build 5mm aluminium plates into every Riptide Camper roof structure that can be tapped into as needed to fit roof racks by the addition of our custom mounting brackets. This is a factory or service agent installation only. Roof racks fitted aftermarket will void the structural warranty, as we have no control over whom or how the racks are fitted. Please note: Roof rack weight is limited to 70kg for the pair.

How can we see one? Do you go to camping shows?

You can visit our factory and showroom in Arundel on the Gold Coast anytime! Follow us on Facebook to find out where we will be setting up for weekend etc. and which shows we will be attending. We endeavor to attend Caravan and Camping Shows in other capital cities when we can subject to timing and site availability. We are regularly hitting the road and the beaches (mostly on the East Coast admittedly). If you’re interest in seeing our awesome vehicles in person, please contact us and we’ll make sure we are in contact with you before we go so you don’t miss seeing us on out next trip!
If you still have further questions, please feel free to send us an email via the secure contact form in our website www.riptidecampers.com.au or email directly to info@riptidecampers.com.au, and we’ll get back to you! Of course, you can also phone us for more info in business hours if needed.. For more of what we’re up to and photos etc., follow us or send us messages on Facebook or Instagram. We would love you to become part of the Riptide Campers family. It would be a decision you will not regret!

What is the delivery time frame?

This is dependent on the time of year and prior orders. As we have limited amount of production slots per year, we build our campers in the sequence they are ordered. A 10% deposit is paid to lock in the first available production slot for your order. A second instalment of 40% is due within 14 days, and the balance of 50% plus any upgrades or options is then paid at delivery. Build time can fluctuate greatly, based on the quantity of orders with the factory at certain times. The typical turnaround time is between 12 and 16 weeks. We will let you know at the time you contact us with you expression of interest, what the expected lead-time is. Generally we will be busier and therefore lead-times longer in the Winter to Spring months as people want their campers to be built in time for Summer.

Can we pick up our New Riptide Camper directly from the factory?

No problems! We have our sales office and showroom at the factory in Arundel on the Fabulous Gold Coast! We would actively encourage you to arrange a trip to pick up your new camper directly from the factory and have a holiday/road trip while you’re here! If this doesn’t suit, we are only too happy to arrange freight for you, or are free to organise your own freight if you prefer.

How do I order my new Teardrop Camper?

Contact us. We’ll go through all the details with you, and advise when the next available production slot is available. We’ll send you an order form for you to complete and return, as well as our Term and Conditions of sale. Once we receive your order form and deposit, your production slot will be secured, and we’ll send you an Order Acknowledgment.

How will I know when my Riptide Camper is ready for pick up?

We will be in contact with you throughout the production process. We will discuss registration and insurance will you well before collection/shipping so you can be fully prepared in advance.

Is there anything else we haven’t covered?

Thanks for the investment of your valuable time in reading this!

Kindest regards,
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